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Umin and his long sleeves.

[INFO] Please be aware that EXO's early comeback promotional activities are likely to be affected, as a result of the Jin-do ferry disaster


A ferry carrying 459 passengers and crew sank off the coast of Jindo Island earlier today (Wednesday), resulting in at least four deaths and over 290 missing. To make the tragedy worse, 324 among the passages were students from Danwon High School, leaving for a school trip to Jejudo Island.

As it would be highly innaproate to engage in celebratory or otherwise insensitive activities in face of such a tragedy, weekly music programs and similar programs and activities are likley to be cancelled, as has been the case on similar occasions in the past. We hope you will show your understanding and will avoid making inappropriate comments, regardless of how much you have been looking forward to the commencement of EXO’s comeback promotions.

We wish to express our sincere condolences to the victims’ families, and to convey our prayers for the safe deliverance of the missing passengers and the safety of the rescue workers

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Xiumin + arms

you don’t spell fabulous without Kim Minseok



Giyomi by Umin hyung


"You know what would be really normal, Luhan? If I wrapped myself around you after spelling my name with my butt!"

"Yeah, no, that doesn’t sound normal at all, Xiumin, but get over here and ride me like a pole before I unhinge my jaw from laughing."

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Anonymous asked:

random fact~ the piercings in my right ear always close up really fast if I take my earrings out of them while the holes in my left ear never close. its really weird XD

I didn’t even knew they could close fast! I had my earlobes pierced right after I was born and I’ve had them ever since, but they never closed o.o That is pretty weird indeed. 

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Anonymous asked:

my left foot is bigger than my right foot

Hey! My left foot is bigger than my right foot as well! Isn’t it a pain in the ass?